Adding the Perfect Touch

We love a bride who’s willing to take a risk in the name of style on her wedding day!  From a sparkly clutch to a peony embellished hair clip if you’re looking to make a statement a glamorous accessory might just be the way to do it. If you haven’t spent time scouring wedding blogs and bridal boutiques, you might be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected ways to make a statement when you walk down the aisle.  Whether you’re a vintage-loving bride, an enthusiast of all things chic and modern, or if you merely want to feel extra glam on your wedding day, there are so many options for creating your vision. Always keep an open mind when it comes to choosing accessories. While your Pinterest board may be filled with pearl sprinkled headbands never hesitate to simply try a structured birdcage veil or a weightless tulle cathedral ensemble.  What can happen?  You’ll either completely rule it out or you might be pleasantly surprised. Peonies are all the rage lately and placing these delicate flowers in your gorgeous locks will wow your guests. Trust us, you won’t be able to keep track of the compliments! If you’re looking to mix [...]

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Banquet-Style Wedding Tables

Aside from the ceremony, the second most important part of the wedding is the reception meal — where for one special night, all of your friends, family, and loved ones will sit together in your honor, making it a truly magical night of re-visiting cherished memories and creating new ones. For those hosting a large wedding, there's no easier way to make your celebration feel warm and intimate than with long, banquet-style reception tables. Not only are they beautiful and romantic, but they're perfect for facilitating conversation among your guests. Plus, they're easily customizable, serving as blank canvases and giving you a myriad of style possibilities to suit you and your groom's tastes for a night in good company. Whether you're hosting backyard nuptials or a classic ballroom ceremony, a long reception table can make your guests feel right at home. Rustic wooden tables are perfect for family-style seating, where guests can pass along various dishes and choose their own portions and plates. Add a dash of whimsy with lush greenery garlands or floral centerpieces that adorn the length of the table, dotted with mismatched plates and silverware for a garden party vibe. If you're hosting a more elegant bash, [...]

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You’re the Maid of Honor! Now what?

As the Maid/Matron of Honor (MOH) you’re part emotional liberate, part worker bee.  From perfectly positioning the brides train, to carrying her lipstick in the pocket of your dress, and herding the groomsmen for bridal party photos, you were chosen for your positive energy, go-do personality, and ability to make the bride laugh.  Always remember offering emotional and logistical support leading up to the wedding and during the stressful day-of moments is a huge part of the MOH package, as is supporting the bride in every way. We know there’s a lot to keep track of, so Tamzen’s Bridal is here to help! Rally the bridesmaid squad!  It’s your responsibility to lead the other bridesmaids through their bridal party duties.  Make sure each maid gets their dress, attends necessary fittings, snags the right pair of shoes, oh and don’t forget finding matching jewelry. One of the most exciting duties. . .help shop for dresses! There are so many options for bridesmaids’ dresses it can be overwhelming for brides who already have countless decisions to make. Keep in mind there are so many new trends for bridesmaids dresses. . . Some brides choose to have all of their bridesmaids wear the [...]

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