Calling all Pinterest Lovers!

Ok so where are all our fellow Pinners? Whether we're pinning away while climbing the StairMaster at the gym or when we're taking the subway home after a long day of work, scrolling through board after board titled 'Wonderlust,' 'Dream Vayca' and 'Wedding Day: No I'm not Engaged' has become the all time procrastination/kill time tool. We find ourselves signing into Pinterest at every opportunity when we need to find a quick recipe or when we just want to relax. But what happens when 'Wedding Day: No I'm not Engaged' turns into 'Wedding Day: Yes, Yes I am Engaged!!!' ?!?!?! You're tasked with taking the 3,000 pins and translating them into your wedding day reality...If you're anything like us, that can be more than a little overwhelming. Although Tamzen's Bridal can't help you make intricately-personalized homemade candles like these... We can help you find some of the top pinned dresses on Pinterest! That's right, you heard us, we carry dresses that have been racking up the pins from women all over the world! Check it out! This Essense of Australia, Style D1617 with it's all-over lace and fit and flare style has 25,253 pins! If you're looking for a romantic [...]

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Antiqued Wedding Details

If you’re anything like us, we love a good Saturday afternoon spent wandering through old barns and rows and rows of aged goodies to scoop up the perfect vintage find. Trust us, you can find anything if you’re willing to look long enough.  We’ve found 19th Century editions of Jane Eyre, rocking chairs that have seen many crisp autumn evenings on a southern front porch, and even pristinely woven doilies that are dying to be taken home to our end tables. Why not add some antique charm to your wedding day?  Bringing a classic feel to your ceremony can be as simple as gold plated candlesticks or hand-sewn handkerchiefs to catch those tears of joy. And as for your reception, the possibilities are endless. Stack older trunks and arrange your engagement photos on each level for a rustic touch or collect wedding cards in a retro birdcage, use thrifted Ball jars to hold your flower arrangements or an old school chalk board to announce your dinner menu. See…endless! Antique place settings instantly cast a whimsical feel for your cherished guests. If an entire place setting seems a bit much, mix in vintage toasting glasses.  We’ve been carrying antiqued goblets at [...]

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