What Is Wedding Insurance?

Your wedding day should be perfect and carefree, but we all know that disaster can strike at any time. When last-minute changes or problems pop up, it can leave some couples with not only a major inconvenience when wedding planning, but a monetary consequence as well. Below we will explain what wedding insurance is and why it might be right for you. What Is Wedding Insurance? Wedding insurance, like any insurance, is a service you can purchase which protects your investment in a wedding. If anything goes wrong on the day of the event or anytime leading up to the wedding, the insurance will cover extra expenses accrued because of unforeseen circumstances. For example, wedding insurance can reimburse you if: your party bus or limo cancels the day of, leaving you to find last minute transportation. the groom’s tuxedo is lost in transit while travelling, and you have to buy a new one at your destination. your florist goes out of business a couple of weeks before your wedding, and you have to find flowers from another vendor. Check out What To Do If Your Wedding Vendor Cancels on You. These are only a few of the last-minute conundrums that can [...]