Trumpet vs. Mermaid Wedding Dresses – What’s the Difference?

Dresses with a fitted top and flared skirts have been trending for over two decades, and we’re not surprised – they look amazing on a wide range of body types! They’re a high-fashion staple in the bridal industry and requested by many brides-to-be. From mermaid wedding dresses to fit-and-flare gowns to trumpet styles, there’s a flared wedding dress in every cut, fabric, and style you can imagine. TRUMPET VS. MERMAID:  WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? It’s all in the flared skirt! Trumpet wedding dresses flare at the thigh to elongate the legs. Mermaid wedding dresses flare at or below the knee, making for an even more dramatic silhouette and highlighting the torso with a long bodice. WHAT IS A FIT-AND-FLARE WEDDING DRESS? The term “fit-and-flare” encompasses a wide variety of gowns with a fitted bodice and flared skirt. Fit-and-flare wedding gowns have the least dramatic flare of any flared dress style. Following your natural curves, the flare begins just below the hip and gradually widens into a full, flowy skirt. For a bold luxurious look, we love Essense of Australia Style D3284. This fit-and-flare wedding dress brings all the drama and sophistication with its floating floral lace and sexy sheer bodice. The shimmering [...]

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Interview with Tamzen M. Sonntag | Tamzen’s Bridal

This week we’re flying to the U.S. again for another amazing interview with the owner of Modeca store Tamzen’sBridal, Tamzen M. Sonntag. Tamzen has been a public-school teacher for 29 years, when she and her husband decided to join the bridal industry together. Even though Tamzen loved her teaching career she secretly always dreamed of owning her own bridal store. And what little girl does not dream of such a possibility? Her passion for fashion and the wedding industry itself grew as she and her husband were planning their own wedding. With her husband’s business sense and Tamzen’s eye for fashion, they decided to take a “leap of faith” and entered the world of bridal. After almost six years of running Tamzen’s Bridal and helping brides find their perfect gown, Tamzen is still as passionate about her career change as she was when she was a little girl, dreaming about her own bridal store. Tamzen’s Bridal is THE premier bridal store in the heart of downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and they are specialised in wedding gowns and bridal wear attire. “Our clients are our top priority! Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and educate our brides about wedding gowns and their construction. From [...]

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The Complete Maid of Honor Checklist

Maid of honor, this blog is for you! You’ve been the bride’s go to gal even before she got engaged, but now that you’ve been bestowed with this title and wedding planning has commenced, you may be wondering what exactly you’ve gotten yourself into. Being a maid of honor likely comes with a set of expectations and duties, but have no fear! We’re here to help. We’ve created a checklist of all the things you *could* be responsible for. The best place to start? Show this list to your bride/bestie and ask her what she is expecting you to handle. Overall, your goal is to help your bride have the best day of her life!   Dress Shopping: Provide bride with supportive, honest (delivered kindly) feedback about wedding dresses Take photos so the bride will remember the dresses she tried on and the dress she decided on (make sure she keeps them in a hidden spot away from wandering groom eyes) Assist with selecting bridesmaid dresses     Bride: Samantha Miller, Bridal Boutique: One Fine Day Bridal Bridal Shower (responsibilities may be covered by family of the bride/couple): Before- Gather guest list Determine budget Finalize location Determine food Purchase decorations Purchase favors Plan activities During- Assist with set [...]

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What Is Wedding Insurance?

Your wedding day should be perfect and carefree, but we all know that disaster can strike at any time. When last-minute changes or problems pop up, it can leave some couples with not only a major inconvenience when wedding planning, but a monetary consequence as well. Below we will explain what wedding insurance is and why it might be right for you. What Is Wedding Insurance? Wedding insurance, like any insurance, is a service you can purchase which protects your investment in a wedding. If anything goes wrong on the day of the event or anytime leading up to the wedding, the insurance will cover extra expenses accrued because of unforeseen circumstances. For example, wedding insurance can reimburse you if: your party bus or limo cancels the day of, leaving you to find last minute transportation. the groom’s tuxedo is lost in transit while travelling, and you have to buy a new one at your destination. your florist goes out of business a couple of weeks before your wedding, and you have to find flowers from another vendor. Check out What To Do If Your Wedding Vendor Cancels on You. These are only a few of the last-minute conundrums that can [...]

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How to Be a Fall Bride in a Non-Fall Climate

There is no doubt that fall weddings are popular, and why wouldn’t they be? Beyond seasonal beauty, comes a cozy and casual vibe; there are so many pros to a fall wedding. But, as you know, with pros comes a few cons. It may seem difficult to be a fall bride in a non-fall climate but let’s chat about the ways to avoid some fall wedding mishaps and how to handle them! Featured: Stella York Style 7115 Hesitation: Unpredictable Weather Fall is the best time for a deeper and darker color scheme. If you’re lucky, nature will complement your color scheme without much effort. For those of us who are lucky to catch a glimpse of autumn one week then are swept up in a winter wonderland the next, it’s hard to predict the sort of weather your wedding day will bring. Autumn weather can be variable, not to mention even hot and sweaty depending where you are! Resolution: Virtual Updates Unless you have Mother Nature on speed dial, it’s best to embrace the unknown that comes with a fall wedding. One way to work with instead of against the weather is to have a Facebook Group that guests can access [...]

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The Hottest Color of 2020 Weddings

When you think about 2020, brightness and positivity might not be the first words that come to mind — but they do describe the hottest wedding color of the year!

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How to Wear Your Wedding Dress in a Different Season

Chances are you chose your wedding dress with a specific location and time of year in mind, but what happens if your plans change and you suddenly end up with a winter wedding when you originally planned for summer? Today on the blog, we’re talking about how to wear your wedding dress in a different season. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many weddings are being postponed and rescheduled and many brides are finding themselves with a dress that they think won’t work for a different time of year. But fear not, ladies! We’re here to help. First, let’s tackle an easy update: Summer to Winter. If you originally bought your dress for a summer wedding and are now finding yourself with a chance of snow, the easiest way to update your look is with a jacket. Bridal jackets these days are a lot cooler than you might think. You can go for a lace bomber, a custom jean jacket or even leather. Adding a faux fur wrap is also a great option. If you’re worried about the fabric of your gown being too light or sheer for winter, try adding a slip dress underneath for an added layer. But, also remember that for the most part, [...]

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Why Your Wedding Vendors Are Keeping Non-Refundable Retainers During Coronavirus Covid-19

I have seen a lot of social media posts written by 2020 couples who are really upset and confused about why their wedding vendors won’t fully refund their non-refundable retainer right now, as we all navigate through the coronavirus crisis.  While I completely understand the frustration on the clients’ end, as a small business owner myself, I also understand why wedding vendors are keeping the non-refundable retainers.  So I wanted to write a blog post to help everyone understand the logic behind this business practice.  It’s important to note that COVID-19 is not forcing anyone to cancel their wedding.  It is forcing couples to postpone their wedding.  If someone decides to cancel their wedding all together because of this pandemic, that is a CHOICE that they are making.  Every single wedding vendor is stuck in a really hard spot right now because we are trying to balance two different mindsets.  As wedding planner Jove Meyer put it in a RECENT ARTICLE FOR THE NY TIMES, “being a human with a heart and compassion but also a business that has to stay afloat.”  I think it’s so important to remember that everyone is being impacted by this pandemic and we are all [...]

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Wedding dress trends bridal season 2019-2020

There are so many different bridal styles to choose from, and this upcoming 2019-2020 bridal season holds a lot of new trends, but also trends we have seen last year and are still going strong! Whether you’re looking for a classical bridal look, or a clean and modern style, this season’s collections showcase a little something for every bride! From elegant fit and flare silhouettes to the classic princess look with a modern twist, the 2020 Modeca collections feature all types of wedding dresses for every bride out there! Fitted wedding dresses This season it is all about showing off your beautiful figure! Fitted dresses that flare at the bottom, and truly hug your figure and really show off your beautiful curves! Not only do we see this in the Modeca Collection, but we also find this beautiful fit and flare silhouette for the curvy bride in the Curves by Modeca collection, because this silhouette really shows your beautiful figure! Clean and modest wedding styles In the spirit of Meghan Markle a.k.a. Dutchess of Sussex who wore a stunning clean wedding gown on her big day, one of the bridal trends this season is this sophisticated and elegant wedding style. [...]

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Wedding Dress Styles and Silhouettes

Ready to say yes to the dress but not sure where to start? We’ve outlined the most common bridal gown silhouettes so you can find the perfect wedding dress style for your body shape and venue! A-Line Wedding Dresses A-Line wedding dresses are the epitome of classic beauty! A-Line gowns include a fitted, structured bodice and a flowy, easy-to-wear skirt that flares out gradually. It’s a very popular style as it complements brides’ proportions and flatters the figure with a romantic, feminine cut. Who it is flattering on: A-Line wedding dresses are praised for their ability to look good on just about any body type. From athletic builds to pear-shaped brides, A-Line silhouettes are forgiving on a wide range of sizes. Brides who aren’t sure of which gown style to choose often start with a classic A-Line wedding gown and go from there. Ensure your dress fits perfectly by having it altered by a skilled seamstress. What style of wedding: The ever-flattering A-Line style is very versatile and works with every wedding theme. Dress it up for a black-tie wedding with a fingertip-length veil or a sparkly, jeweled belt. Achieve the bridal vision of your boho dreams by pairing your [...]

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