When should a bride begin the search for her wedding gown?

It is never too early to shop for a wedding gown!  Gowns can take 4-8 months to arrive so make sure you leave plenty of time.  If you don’t have enough time, we can usually rush order a gown.  We do our best to accommodate all our brides.

Can I expect to purchase a dress off the rack?

In most cases we will need to order the gown for you. It typically takes 4-6 months for a wedding gown to arrive, once the order has been placed.  Rush orders can be placed but it is always best to discuss those details with your consultant.  We do have rack sales once or twice a year.

Will I be able to try on a dress in my size?

Most of our gowns are samples ranging in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.  Have no fears… If a gown is too big… we can clip!  If a gown is too small… we can insert a panel.  Most of our gowns can be ordered in a size 0-28, but we don’t stock gowns in multiple sizes.

Can you order a specific dress for me?

We wish we could carry the entire collection of all our designers, so if you are looking to try on a specific gown and we do not have it in the store, please contact us first.  We can usually get the gown in for you to try on at the time of your appointment.

What is an average cost for a wedding gown?

Having an understanding of your bridal gown budget is very helpful, not only to you but to your consultant.  Statistics show that the average gown in South-Central PA is approximately $1500.  Our gowns range in price from $800 – $2000.  We have something to meet every price range.

Who should accompany me to my first appointment?

It is always important to include individuals whose opinion you value.  Keep in mind, too many opinions can be overwhelming to you, the bride.

Do you have a seamstress on location?

We use independent seamstresses and are happy to provide our brides with a list of seamstresses for alteration purposes.