This week we’re flying to the U.S. again for another amazing interview with the owner of Modeca store Tamzen’sBridal, Tamzen M. Sonntag.

Tamzen has been a public-school teacher for 29 years, when she and her husband decided to join the bridal industry together.

Even though Tamzen loved her teaching career she secretly always dreamed of owning her own bridal store. And what little girl does not dream of such a possibility? Her passion for fashion and the wedding industry itself grew as she and her husband were planning their own wedding. With her husband’s business sense and Tamzen’s eye for fashion, they decided to take a “leap of faith” and entered the world of bridal.

After almost six years of running Tamzen’s Bridal and helping brides find their perfect gown, Tamzen is still as passionate about her career change as she was when she was a little girl, dreaming about her own bridal store.

Tamzen’s Bridal is THE premier bridal store in the heart of downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and they are specialised in wedding gowns and bridal wear attire.

“Our clients are our top priority! Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and educate our brides about wedding gowns and their construction. From the moment you walk through the doors at Tamzen’s Bridal, you will get that warm and cosy feeling to help set your mind at ease and to be able to enjoy your wedding shopping experience.” says Tamzen.

“I would love to share how and why we start stocking Modeca Bridal and it’s actually a great story. Simply put, it all started with the Modeca dress Alicante from the 2018 Modeca Collection.” remembers Tamzen. Tamzen was attending a bridal fair and had finished her two-day shopping spree. She had placed her orders with other designers and was happy with the decisions she had made regarding the new season of gowns that she would be showcasing in her store. “As I was ready to leave for the day, I caught a glimpse of the dress Alicante. I turned around to explore the line and put my purchase order together. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I purchased this line because of that gown!”

And this was just the beginning of a true – let’s call it – “Modeca-Love-Story”. Since Modeca Bridal is true Dutch Design but Tamzen and her husband are based in the U.S. , it was just a question of time, when they were going to join the “heart of Modeca Bridal”.

They had been talking about sometime attending an international bridal fair. And since Tamzen and her husband Robert love to travel, they made the decision to be adventurous and attend Bridal Event Amsterdam hosted by Modeca Bridal. “WOW! What an experience! We’re still talking about it. It certainly was a highlight of my bridal career.” recalls Tamzen with a sparkle in her eye.

Tamzen and Robert were able to meet the Modeca Bridal head designer, Alden Misolas, and of course Dick van Zutphen, the owner and director of Modeca Bridal. “It was an amazing experience, in an intimate setting, with stunning gowns. We could not have been more impressed and we even purchased gowns from the Le Papillon by Modeca collection. Christianne Brunelle, the Director of Modeca America, and Clif Crandall, the Sales Manager, also attended the event and certainly made the trip feel complete by giving us their undivided attention.”

Tamzen finishes this interview with a warm episode which does truly mirror what the “Magic of Modeca” is all about and stands for. “Working with Modeca Bridal has been and still is a complete joy! We have one employee – Brit – and during a trunk show Brit fell in love with the wedding dress Emma from the 2019 Le Papillon by Modeca collection. She was hoping for a gown that would give her the “two gowns in one wedding look” for her wedding. I asked if the overskirt from the dress Annabel from the 2018 Modeca Collection could be made separately for just that purpose and Modeca Bridal did not disappoint! Brit now has the gown of her dreams – Emma gown with an overshirt. She cannot wait to surprise her future husband at the reception when she removes the overskirt!” says Tamzen happily.

Tamzen shares an inspirational message as we are wrapping up this interview – “There are a few lessons I’ve learned in life: Dream Big! Chase your Passion! Good Things do Happen to People who Work Hard!”

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Interview courtesy of Modeca Bridal. Click here for original interview.