How Should You Practice Self-Care While Planning Your Wedding?

Planning a wedding is no walk in the park and we’re willing to bet you may be feeling a little stressed as you approach your big day. Be it choosing a venue, your wedding gown, or keeping your bridal party on the same page it can all be a bit overwhelming. If you don’t take time to care for yourself along the way it will be challenging to help keep family, friends and guests on track too. To keep your stress low and your sprits high, try out some of these self-care tips. You got this babes!

Grab your girls and get to the gym

Yoga, a HIIT routine, spin or even just a walk to get some fresh air, whatever work out you choose, you’ll be feeling strong and renewed after a quick sweat session. Exercise does wonders for your mind and your spirit. It increases the release of mood-boosting endorphins, which will be key to helping you remain calm when wedding planning challenges arise. Try setting aside just 30 minutes each morning in the days leading up to your marriage to hit the gym, you might be surprised how much better you’ll feel!

Stay organized

Create lists, jot down your daily schedule or what absolutely has to be done each day in advance of your wedding celebration. It can get very hectic in the days leading up to your wedding but by taking these steps, before it’s time to decorate the venue or walk through the rehearsal, you’ll stay on track and have no questions of what needs to be done and when you need to do it. At the end of each day you can look back on your notes to know where you stand and prepare for the following day. Preparation is essential for a smooth wedding event.

Plan a date night

When tensions are high it’s important to remember how in love you are with your guy and that your wedding is truly meant to be a celebration of your love for one another. With that in mind, put down the guest list and head to the movies, out for dinner of to grab a coffee. Take time away from the planning, prepping and wedding decisions to reconnect with your guy in a fun and light-hearted way. Before you know it you’ll be laughing the night away and forget the challenges you were facing.

Hit the sack

A good night’s rest is worth more than you think. If you’re hitting the sheets with wedding weight on your mind you’re probably tossing and turning for quite some time before truly falling asleep. Try putting down your phone and stepping away from the computer at least an hour before bed. Grab a book or a non-wedding related magazine to take your mind off planning. Take a relaxing bath and spray you pillow with a lavender mist. With a restful night of sleep, waking up to a full day ahead won’t feel so daunting.

Planning a wedding and sending it off without a hitch can certainly bring about stress, however, taking these steps will help calm your nerves. When all else fails, have grace with yourself and those around you and know that everyone is there to cheer you and your groom on as you start your life-long adventure together.