Maid of honor, this blog is for you! You’ve been the bride’s go to gal even before she got engaged, but now that you’ve been bestowed with this title and wedding planning has commenced, you may be wondering what exactly you’ve gotten yourself into. Being a maid of honor likely comes with a set of expectations and duties, but have no fear! We’re here to help. We’ve created a checklist of all the things you *could* be responsible for. The best place to start? Show this list to your bride/bestie and ask her what she is expecting you to handle. Overall, your goal is to help your bride have the best day of her life!


Dress Shopping:

  • Provide bride with supportive, honest (delivered kindly) feedback about wedding dresses
  • Take photos so the bride will remember the dresses she tried on and the dress she decided on (make sure she keeps them in a hidden spot away from wandering groom eyes)
  • Assist with selecting bridesmaid dresses


maid of honor browsing wedding gowns


Bride: Samantha Miller, Bridal Boutique: One Fine Day Bridal

Bridal Shower (responsibilities may be covered by family of the bride/couple):


  • Gather guest list
  • Determine budget
  • Finalize location
  • Determine food
  • Purchase decorations
  • Purchase favors
  • Plan activities


  • Assist with set up if necessary
  • Create a list of gifts to make thank you notes easy on the bride
  • Help the bride capture the event by taking photos
  • Assist with tear down if applicable


Bachelorette Party:


  • Gather guest list
  • Determine budget
  • Research and secure destination
  • Research bachelorette party activities
  • Finalize itinerary/book activities
  • Communicate itinerary with guests
  • Book flight (if applicable)
  • Determine and buy favors
  • Finalize food
  • Plan and purchase decor


  • Hold group generally to the itinerary
  • Keep track of expenses
  • Share final expense totals with group


maid of honor checklist bachelorette party


Rehearsal Dinner:

  • Attend ceremony rehearsal and remember your specific directions




  • Write maid of honor speech (if applicable)
  • Buy bridesmaid dress and get alterations done
  • Purchase shoes, jewelry, and other accessories
  • Learn how to bustle bride’s wedding dress
  • Purchase a wedding gift
  • Put together emergency kit of supplies the bride may need during the day
  • Help bride with any preparation she may need
  • Provide moral support for bride as the wedding day approaches

Getting Ready-

  • Run any last-minute errands if necessary
  • Supply the getting ready playlist for the wedding party
  • Assist the bride with getting into her dress


  • Hold bride’s bouquet during the ceremony
  • Carry bride’s wedding dress train until it is bustled
  • Wrangle the wedding party for photos before/after the ceremony
  • Give your speech confidently (and maybe have some tissues on hand)
  • Keep track of the bride’s phone/lipstick/etc.
  • Make sure the bride is hydrated and fed
  • Dance the night away!


bride and groom posing for photo with bridesmaids and groomsmen


Photo: Silas Chau, Bride: Chloe Cole


This list may look overwhelming, but remember that you probably won’t be expected to do all of these things and thankfully the events should be spread out to give you time to breathe. Above all, remember that you also need to enjoy each and every event. Savor the time you have with your bride before and after she’s officially hitched. We know you can do it!