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There is no doubt that fall weddings are popular, and why wouldn’t they be? Beyond seasonal beauty, comes a cozy and casual vibe; there are so many pros to a fall wedding. But, as you know, with pros comes a few cons. It may seem difficult to be a fall bride in a non-fall climate but let’s chat about the ways to avoid some fall wedding mishaps and how to handle them!

Bride Wearing Stella York Style 7115

Featured: Stella York Style 7115

Hesitation: Unpredictable Weather

Fall is the best time for a deeper and darker color scheme. If you’re lucky, nature will complement your color scheme without much effort. For those of us who are lucky to catch a glimpse of autumn one week then are swept up in a winter wonderland the next, it’s hard to predict the sort of weather your wedding day will bring. Autumn weather can be variable, not to mention even hot and sweaty depending where you are!

Resolution: Virtual Updates

Unless you have Mother Nature on speed dial, it’s best to embrace the unknown that comes with a fall wedding. One way to work with instead of against the weather is to have a Facebook Group that guests can access for the latest news on the wedding. This way, you can keep them up to date with recent weather forecasts. Be sure to plan around what the weather is typically like near your venue. If it will be cold, have heat lamps and blankets available to guests if they are cold. Also consider adding accessories to your look, like a shawl. If it’s hot, provide handheld paper fans and water for the event.

model wearing all who wander wedding dress and kai shawl

Featured: all who wander // kai shawl

Hesitation: Choosing the Date

Fall dates to pick are few and far between. With all the holidays that come along with fall, there is an increase in conflict with guests being able to attend the wedding. Watch for specific weeks/weekends where there are bank holidays. There is also an increase in popularity of autumn weddings, meaning vendors and venues are being swept up fast!

Resolution: Book Ahead

If you decide on an autumn wedding, be sure to book ahead of the game. Place deposits down on your dream venue and sought-after photographer you like as soon as possible, to save from any heartache down the road. And remember, no matter what time of year or what day of the week you have your wedding, there will always be guests that won’t be able to attend. Do what your heart desires and make the memories of a lifetime.

Hesitation: Clashing Climates

Whether you’re the “Pillsbury cookie, cozy scarf, and pumpkin spice everything” type, or the “rustic, hard cider, and horror movies” type, you choose an autumn wedding for the same reason: The aesthetic! But how do you encompass that aesthetic when the season doesn’t necessarily play fair?

Resolution: Spice Up Your Aesthetic

Work with what’s given. There are many ways to have that autumn wedding you’ve been dreaming of! Here’s a few tips for getting that perfect fall feel:

1. Choose an Autumn Color Palette

There are ENDLESS color palettes that mimic the fall aesthetic. Go for traditional warm tones that evoke changing leaves and apple cider. Or if you’re wanting something more modern, incorporate the “candied copper” and jewel tones.

2. Lean into Textures

Textures are another detail in a wedding that make a celebration feel especially seasonal. Consider adding velvet ribbons around the foliage down the aisle, creating an autumnal theme. Using different elements like brocade linens and moss to give the tables a woodsy feel.

Bride holding wedding flower bouquet

Photo by Georgia Verrells

3. Set the Tone from the Beginning

Your invitation is the first opportunity to share the tone of your wedding with guests. So, include whatever fall elements you have planned for your wedding in your invite. Using seasonal tones and even a touch of foliage, can give your wedding invitations the rustic autumn touch you’re looking for.

Wedding Invitation

Photo by Anni Graham

4. Use Autumn Foliage

There are in-season flowers that create the ultimate wedding decor. The use of autumnal foliage, dried leaves and even pumpkins can be used as table decor or bouquet accents. Consider carrying a single flower variety, a simple yet beautiful bundle tied together with a ribbon can create a timeless look.

Floral wedding cake

Photo by The Big Fake Wedding

5. Dress the Part

There are many tried-and-true dress styles, but there are also new trends for fall brides. Backs are more detailed, pockets are having a moment, and sleeves are all the rage. So hop on the new trends, and make the autumn fashion statement you’ve always wanted!

Bride and groom posing for photo outdoors

Photo by Hailey Pierce

Like so many others, if you choose autumn to be the season for your special day, it’s because you are enamored with all that comes along with it. Fall can be considered a frame of mind. Crisp night air that smells faintly of bonfires, the changing of leaves to bright reds and yellows…there’s a kind of magic that comes with autumn after a hot summer. By following these tips, no matter what the weather may be, it’s possible to be a fall bride in a non-fall climate.